Here are the answers to your questions about our OfficeGourmet dishes.

Created to provide you with a healthy, tasty and convenient lunch at the office, the OfficeGourmet menus are presented in recyclable boxes and are delivered cold between 09:00 and 12:00 AM, with a free starter (usually a home-made soup), a side, a mini baguette and flatware. Some of our dishes need to be reheated in the microwave, but most of them are conceived to be eaten cold, in order to avoid any smell in the office. The majority of our products come from the region and the chefs who cook them have one common point: they have all worked in Michelin-starred restaurants.

We deliver all of the Coast, from Lausanne to Geneva. You can check your postal code on our home page, but you live between Geneva and Montreux and if you can go to the lake by bicycle, we can probably come to you!

Our delivery guys leave in the morning with refrigerated trucks that contain all the orders in their delivery sector. They establish a road map depending on the orders to minimize the route time; this is the reason why we do not give any precise delivery hour but we guarantee that your dishes will be delivered between 09:00 and 12:00 am. They come in isothermic bags, so you can keep them in a corner of the office until it’s finally lunch time!

It depends on the dish you order! When browsing our menus, you will see if the dish was designed to be eaten cold, hot or either way. But pay attention not to overcook the dishes: it’s about heating it up, not cooking it!

Even better: most of the packaging is biodegradable! The boxes and the flatware are 100% biodegradable; you can just throw them away in the compost. The plastic that covers the dishes is made in PET and can be recycled easily. Only our soup or dressing plastic cups are to be thrown in household waste because they need to be perfectly tight as well as microwaveable. If you know a better, eco-friendly solution, please let us know at!

Of course not! The OfficeGourmet product line is not exclusively reserved for companies, you can get it at home too!

If you’re a regular customer, just send us an e-mail to and we’ll gladly switch your account to the monthly bill program. You’ll only pay one invoice a month, and that will unlock the “Monthly payment” on your check-out screen!

HomeGourmet handpicks the best producers in the region. Although the general rule “if it grows near us, that’s where it’s from” usually applies, it may happen that we source it from somewhere else (usually because the supply is limited or that specific product can’t be found in Switzerland). When we do that, we always try to pick an eco-friendly solution!