Custom menu - The Pictures!

One of the most beautiful aspects of a Chef’s job is the creation process. To have an idea, try to express it in the form of a dish, make mistakes and seek feedback from the team, the do it all over until late in the night… and try again the next day.

So, when people ask us to create a custom menu for their events, we are well aware of the hours it represents… But we always accept with a smile on our faces. We go through the same process as when we create our own catalog, except this time we don’t have 3 months ahead of us and we can’t request more than one food tasting before it goes live: it’s all or nothing.

Fortunately, the kitchen team here at HomeGourmet is full of passionate professionals with a lot of experience. Last week, HomeGourmet catered for a cocktail party of 100 guests in the offices of a medical company near Lausanne, and here is what it looked like!


(Scroll down for pictures)





Bouchées froides

Raviole de thon rouge, panais au miel & mayonnaise végétale à la réglisse

Tartare de tourteau et citron caviar sur feuille d’huître

Wapiti de Collex-Bossy, confit d’oignons et morille en deux façons

Tartare de bœuf jurassien de race Salers coupé au couteau & bâtonnet de Vacherin fribourgeois

Bouchées chaudes

Moscardini (petits poulpes italiens), salade méditerranéenne

Rable de lapin basse température, rösti croustillant et jus réduit

Suprême de pintade, sauce vin chaud, risotto carnaroli à la courge

Bouchées sucrées

« The guiltless tiramisù »

Crème brûlée à la lavande

Mousse au chocolat Oricao 58% et boudoir au thé Earl Grey

Ananas rôti, génoise au romarin et Chantilly à la fève de Tonka