Challenge accepted!

Challenge accepted!

HomeGourmet’s catering team is at it again – this time, we served a gastronomic menu in the decommissioned cableway cabin of Mont-Fort, specially transported right on the coast of Lake Léman and decorated like a Japanese home for the occasion. 

“But why?”, you may ask. Well… because we could.

A week ago, we received a rather peculiar demand from an international company headquartered in Lausanne. It went something like this: “We need you to serve a healthy business lunch for three VIP who know the catering industry inside out, and we need you to wow their socks off both in terms of food, location, and execution. Oh, and it’s happening next Monday.”

After a brief yet justified freak-out, our very own Cyril Grellier and Régis Imbert, catering coordinators extraordinaires, got to work. In a week, they managed to come with the idea, source the cabin from House of Foods (creators of Le Pie), get the authorizations and organize transportation to Rolle. In the meantime, Cristian Cattozzo, Grégory Schibeny and Rémi Tranchida worked on a menu that would fit all the criteria: healthy, gastronomic, and most of all, that could be transported easily to the cabin location.

The result? An event like no other, 3 pair of socks that did get wowed off, and a catering team as proud as tired.



Textures of cauliflower, sweet pearl onions & crab tartare with chives


Red tuna tataki with cumin, Shiitake mushrooms with ginger, Venere rice skillet and

artichoke chips


Carambar mousse, fruit chips and black licorice air, served with Indian cornflower tea

Tataki de thon rouge au cumin, champignons Shiitake au gingembre, poêlée de riz Venere et chips d'artichaut

Cabine téléphérique traiteur au bord du Léman

L'intérieur de la télécabine

Régis Imbert prêt à accueillir les convives

Mousse de carambar, chips de fruits et air à la réglisse