VIP – Art on Ice

On March 6th and 7th, the 800 VIP guests for the show Art on Ice arrived at the Malley ice rink to be served by a somewhat baffled HomeGourmet catering team.

Baffled, yes. Firstly by the organization displayed by the logistics team: just 2 hours after the last hockey game, trucs were already pulling in the stadium to completely change the face of the rink.

But even more so by the quality of the show. After catering for the VIP of 30 hockey games this season, we were more used to fans chanting and referees whistling than to such a display of grace and poetry. We can’t stress this enough: this was a great show, full of surprises and an overall awesome performance by everyone involved.

Guys, they’re coming back next year: book your tickets with your eyes closed, and watch it with your eyes wide open.

See, some of the poetry is already rubbing off !