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What’s the HomeGourmet Traiteur ?

  • Chefs from Michelin-star restaurants who cook the best local ingredients
  • Creative recipes and innovative catering concepts
  • Accessible events that are easy to organize

The MenuOfficeGourmet


What’s OfficeGourmet?

  • Four different healthy, fresh lunch options
  • Delivered with a starter, a side and a fresh baguette
  • Order the day before and we’ll deliver you between 9:00 and 12:00!

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HomeGourmet was selected to give cooking classes at the prestigious Institut le Rosey in Rolle, and organizes catering events at the exclusive Carnal Hall venue.
One of the most beautiful aspects of a Chef’s job is the creation process. To have an idea, try to express it in the form of a dish, make mistakes and seek feedback...
Christmas is early this year: the catering team at HomeGourmet just got its very first white truffle delivery of the season! And as every time, the entire team just...
Last week we released our new menu... You didn't think we would miss the opportunity to show off the pictures too, did you?
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Our chefs have learned their trade in the best Michelin-starred restaurants around the globe. And they left it all to come and join a team that’s… well, unique.

Our team

Cristian Cattozzo

Abac, Barcelone
Gardena Grodnerhof, Ortisei
Laurie Raphaël, Montreal

Grégory Schibeny

Cheval Blanc, Westhalten
Les Trois Rois, Bâle

Can you deliver to my place ?

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